Antique Pool Tables

We specialize in Victorian era antique pool tables of the finest quality and best design. These pool tables are functional pieces of art from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. Our inventory ranges from the uncommon to the extraordinarily rare. We take only the top 10 percent of the pool tables we evaluate, ensuring our inventory represents the best antique pool tables for sale of the era. Each table is meticulously restored. We personally deliver and set up our pool tables and Bars throughout the United States and Canada. We also crate and forward overseas.

Antique Brunswick Billiard Tables – 1895 BRUNSWICK CABINET 1 MODEL


Brunswick Cabinet 1
Antique Pool Table

One of three cabinet models produced.

This is one of two Cabinet model pool tables I’ve owned over the course of my career. Having been designed for home use they are extremely scarce. This table came out of the Chicago area from an elderly man who purchased it from its original estate. He had owned it forty years before I was able to purchase it from him.

Circa 1895.


Brunswick 8’ Amaranth
Antique Pool Table.

Ash, Burl and Mahogany with inlays of Birdseye Maple. Ebony and Walnut rails are Rosewood with ivory sights.

Having come out of the Chicago area I purchased this table in northern Illinois. The Amaranth was a simpler design by Brunswick designed for the home market. Note the exceptional Ash Burl on the side and ends of the frame.

Circa 1880.

Antique Brunswick Billiard Tables – 1880 Amaranth
Antique Brunswick Billiard Tables – 1885 Ash Brilliant Novelty


Brunswick-Balke-Collender Brilliant Novelty
Antique Pool Table

8′ Ash with inlays of burled ash, Brazilian rosewood, ebony, mahogany and maple, ivory sights.

This Brilliant Novelty surfaced in the small town of Waterville Maine from the local firehouse. It was common before the days of radios and telephones to have firemen stay at the stations therefore a need to entertain the men. Pool tables were commonly there.

Circa 1885.


Brunswick 8’  Ash Monarch
Antique Pool Table.

Ash Burl with Rosewood, Maple, Elm Burl, Tulipwood and Walnut inlays. Brazilian Rosewood rail tops and Ivory sights.

I purchased this Monarch in Cleveland Ohio from an elderly man who had had it in his basement game room nearly 40 years. Personally transporting it back to our shop in Dubois Wyoming we have since restored it to its 1880s condition. Note the exceptional Ash burl that this particular antique pool table has.

Circa 1880.

Antique Brunswick Billiard Tables – 8’ Ash Monarch
Antique Brunswick Billiard Tables – 1900 Brunswick Naragansett Oak


Brunswick Naragansett 9′
Antique Pool Table.

Quarter Sawn Oak Pool Table with Rosewood rails and Ivory sights.

The Narragansett model was produced in Oak and Mahogany which we have both in stock. This antique pool table model by Brunswick is not particularly scarce but that shows its popularity in its day due to the survival rate. As well it is a popular model today.

Circa 1900.


Brunswick Manhattan Model
Antique Pool Table.

8 Ft. Quartered Oak with figured Ash Burl, Rosewood Rails and Ivory sights.

This is a hard to find model designed for clubs and home use, it is an intricately carved model. Coming out of central Iowa we restored this table to perfection. I also have a 9’ example in line for restoration which I was able to purchase out of Helena Montana.

Circa 1890.

Antique Brunswick Billiard Tables – 1890 Oak Manhattan
Antique Brunswick Billiard Tables – 1890 Brunswick Oak Jewel


Brunswick-Balke-Collender Jewel Model
Antique Pool Table

9 Ft. Oak Jewel with rosewood rails and ivory sights.

This Oak Jewel came out of a San Francisco estate and was said to be in the same family for over eighty years.. An Excellent example.

Circa 1890s.


Brunswick Union League
Antique Pool Table

Intricately carved Oak with Rosewood rails.

Not an uncommon model though as popular today as in its day. This Oak Union League we were able to acquire in Westchester NY. It was a model distributed coast to coast.

Circa 1900.

Antique Brunswick Billiard Tables – 1900 Brunswick Union League
Antique Brunswick Billiard Tables – 1890 Birdseye Popular


Brunswick Popular 9’
Antique Pool Table

Fairly common as its name implies this antique pool table is Birdseye Maple with inlays of Brazilian Rosewood. A great example coming out of the Seattle area.

Circa 1890s.