Restoration Process

We have decades of experience in restoring antique slot machines, pool tables and saloon bars,  while keeping the integrity of the original design.

A bar can’t survive 100 years without some degradation. Our team has decades of experience in antique restoration. We do not create reproductions. Instead we restore antique slot machines, pool tables and saloon bars to the full integrity of the original design.

Restoring furniture made more than 100 years ago is a fine art and true labor of love. We take great pride in our meticulous work. Nothing leaves our restoration facility without undergoing extensive scrutiny.

Our specialization means we are intimately familiar with every detail in every product we restore. We don’t cut corners and we don’t alter designs to make restoration easier.

The restoration process for each item is unique to its age, condition and size. We work on one item at a time. Repairs are always made with like-quality lumber. We color-match each part.

We keep the originality of the piece in mind throughout the process. Too often pieces are restored with incorrect wood, or in a style differing from the era it was originally built. We stay true to the original design, allowing customers to buy a valuable piece of art and history.

We begin by stripping each piece of its finish and then repairing veneers and moldings. After a complete sanding we use a dye-base stain that won’t break down under ultra violet lights, to obtain the original factory shade and color. We hand-rub a semi-gloss lacquer finish. Not all finishes are the same. With our stains and our experience, we bring out the depth and contrast in the grain of the wood and bring back to life its natural beauty.

We painstakingly restore each component, from the columns and intricate arches on a saloon bar, to the interior frames, the rails and liners, and even the bolt covers on antique pool tables. Even the pockets of the pool tables are replaced, while the original pocket irons, re-plated in nickel as originally produced, remain.

The antique saloon bars, pool tables and slot machines we sell look exactly like they did when they sat in a bar 100 years ago.

Before Restoration

After Restoration