In a rejection of the ornate, the Amaranth antique pool table has only a small ornamental inlay on the head blocks and legs, on what is otherwise a sleek and modern beveled billiards table circa 1885. Built with ash burl, mahogany, rosewood, ebony and walnut, with rosewood rails and ivory sites, the table is unobtrusive, yet still high-end.

Brunswick Amaranth Model

Antique Pool Table

Ash, Burl and Mahogany with inlays of Birdseye Maple. Ebony and Walnut rails are Rosewood with ivory sights.

Having come out of the Chicago area I purchased this table in northern Illinois.
The Amaranth was a simpler design by Brunswick designed for the home market.
Note the exceptional Ash Burl on the side and ends of the frame.

Circa 1880.