1895 Brunswick Cabinet 1

 Brunswick Balke Collender 9 foot Cabinet number one model in quarter sawn Oak with Rosewood rails and Ivory sights.

Brunswick Cabinet 1 model 1895.  One of three cabinet models produced.

Produced in the 1890s the Cabinet model number 1 was designed by Brunswick for home use. In each end are cabinets and drawers. The cabinets make the space of a tables normal legs functional and the drawers serve for accessories.  On one end a full length drawer is designed for pool cues with a smaller drawer on the other end for table brushes and chalk. This eliminates the need for a wall or floor standing cue rack leaving greater space for art and furniture.

With intricate moldings and carved panels this Cabinet model is made from quartered Oak with Brazilian Rosewood rail tops and Ivory sights. Covering every detail this model has carved corbels and serpentine rail blinds surpassing other Brunswick tables in detail.

Each cabinet and drawer have keyed locks.

Over the decades of my career I have seen only three of these models surface. This is one of two Cabinet model pool tables I’ve owned over the course of my career. Having been designed for home use they are extremely scarce. This table came out of the Chicago area from an elderly man who purchased it from its original estate. He had owned it forty years before I was able to purchase it from him.