We have decades of experience in restoring antique slot machines, pool tables and saloon bars, while keeping the integrity of the original design.


We specialize in Victorian era pool tables of the finest quality and best design. These pool tables are functional pieces of art from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.


As an elegant predecessor to the flashing, beeping machines of today, antique slot machines are elaborately designed. The oldest and most ornate machines are so hard to find, people don’t realize they exist, before seeing them among our selection.


Antique saloon bars are a massive, and coincidently, a room’s centerpiece. Originally designed without refrigeration or sinks, the bars are beautiful works of art with cabinets and shelves for bottles.

Marschak’s offers an unparalleled selection of the finest restored antique saloon bars, pool tables and slot machines. We specialize in rare, high-end designs you won’t find anywhere else. In business since the 1970s, our inventory is meticulously restored and of the highest quality. Due to our specialization in saloon bars, pool tables and slot machines, our customers receive unrivaled knowledge about each product and the era it originated. You’ll find we carry only the most unique designs. Because many of our items are one-of-a-kind, they sell quickly. We offer layaway for interested collectors.


We buy what we sell.

We are always looking for rare and high-quality antique bars, pool tables and slot machines. We use a finely trained eye, appreciation for the era and restoration skills to seek out unusual additions for our collection.


A bar can’t survive 100 years without some degradation. 

Our team has decades of experience in antique restoration. We do not create reproductions. Instead we restore antique bars, pool tables and slot machines to the full integrity of the original design. Nothing leaves our restoration facility without undergoing extensive scrutiny. The saloon bars, pool tables and slot machines we sell look exactly like they did when they sat in a bar 100 years ago.