Brunswick Princess

18′ Brunswick Back bar with matching Front Bar

Princess model – Flame cut Birch

This ornate antique Brunswick Princess bar was produced circa 1900.  It is by far one of the most spectacularly intricate designs Brunswick offered. Being one of their higher priced bars, very few of these are known to exist.  

Fortunately, I was able to purchase this Princess model out of its original location in Butte Falls, Oregon, where in it’s glory days, it had been a saloon bar.  Then, perhaps during the prohibition era, it was used as a soda fountain bar.  Years following, it again served as a saloon bar until its doors were shut down and there it sat waiting until its owner contacted me, and I was able to restore it to its former glory.  

I always love finding unrestored original antique bars when I can.

Lou Marschak

“All these bars include mirrors. They have been removed for better pictures.”